3 Tips For Repairing Your Work Truck

3 Tips For Repairing Your Work Truck

3 Tips For Repairing Your Work Truck

11 November 2018
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Nothing lets you get the job done like a trusty work truck. Having a tough pickup truck that serves not only as transportation but as a one-stop shop for all your supplies allows you to fulfill for full potential as an independent contractor. If you rely on your pickup truck for work, you'll also need to take care of it. Use these tools to get started. 

1. Find a truck repair shop and an extended warranty

Since this truck has to be helpful for you from a business perspective, make sure to get commercial grade insurance and an extended warranty for the best protection you can find. When you keep the truck repaired, you'll know that it's providing you with Grade A service every time you turn the key. After purchasing the warranty, look around your local area for a repair shop that honors it so you can get periodic repairs. 

These repairs should include things like changing your battery and cables, testing the alternator, providing a yearly inspection, and changing the oil and filter. Make sure that the auto shop you turn to specializes in your truck make and model, since a Chevy Silverado may have different repair nuances than a Dodge Ram 1500. 

2. Take care of the truck body

Your work truck is a reflection of your business, so you need to get rid of the dings and dents that don't create a positive first impression. When you get your truck detailed, give it an overall body inspection so that you can spot any parts of it that may need to be fixed. From here, you can reach out to a truck repair shop that offers body repairs. 

Fixing dents or a bad bumper might cost between $300 and $700 depending on which shop handles the work and the parts used. You should especially keep up with your truck body maintenance if you drive the vehicle off-road during your projects. 

3. Handle your work truck's electrical repairs

Your truck's electrical system is advanced and delicate, so don't neglect these repairs. Start by switching the spark plugs frequently so that the engine fires to the best of its capability. Get routine diagnostic checks, since all your truck's processes are measured and regulated by the computer system. A bad mass airflow sensor can also make other repair codes pop up, adversely affecting your truck's performance. This sensor costs about $400 to replace and will save you lots of trouble. 

Use these tips to get quality performance out of your work truck. For more information on scheduling truck repairs, contact your local repair shop today.

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